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WEBCounter by GOWEB

Since the beginning of Time , we have all Live that we met Annihilated and Despised .

To Clean the Pollution of the Universe was our Dogma .

Many Thousand Years we lived in our Space , knowing that no one soil our purity .

The Universe belongs to us with all his abundance of Resources .

Only old Legends of the Old Ones reports of the Chaos that reigned once .


But with the Discovery of the Sphere everything changed .

A Gate to a other Universe was pushed open and the scum of this Universe brought harm again .

Many Hundred Years we have used up to Observe and to Study them .

Full of Despise for this Creatures we made new plans for War .

To be not noticed , we had used little Attacks , while testing them .

We endured their Dissemination , how they in flock Colonized other Worlds and useless wasted

all Resources .

But once the Time we wake up will come and all of them that not of our Kind will expelled

from our Frontiers .

The new Universe too , will be refined and ordered where now Chaos rules !!!

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