About us: Our Vehicles

After a long period without, we are now again in posession of two cars, RHB No. 1122 and No. 29. You may find an overview in thumbnails on photo page 14.

No. from year of constr. Description (Type) today at
RHB 1122 Rhein-Haardtbahn 1939 4axled motorcar, Axle arrangement Bo'Bo' Bahnfreunde
RHB 29 Rhein-Haardtbahn 1907 2axled Boxcar, former OEG No. 357 Bahnfreunde

About us: Our formerly owned vehicles

This page gives an overview about the vehicles formerly owned by our club. After the Viernheim railway museum had been shut, we hadn't been able to keep them. Although this had been a very disappointing situation for us, we tried to preserve them and give them away into good hands. In fact, we could do this for nearly all cars. The vehicle numbers in the list below are linked to photographs of the cars; you may find an overview in thumbnails on photo page 14.

No. from town year of constr. Description (Type) today at
HSB 6 Heidelberg about 1885 horsetram-trailor, (loan from HSB) returned to HSB
HSB 44 Heidelberg 1926 4axled interurban motorcar returned to HSB
HSB 59 Heidelberg 1949 war-type tramcar, (loan from HSB) returned to HSB, from HSB sold to Bogestra (Bochum-Gelsenkirchen tramway company)
BVB 1308 Basle, Switzerland 1933 3axled trailor returned to Basle, there in operation
VBZ 1019 Zurich, Switzerland 1929 2axled motorcar returned to Zurich, there in operation
VBZ 629 Zurich, Switzerland 1929 2axled trailor to fit with motorcar no. 1019 returned to Zurich, there in operation; Link: pictures from the reconstruction of this car
HEAG 67 Darmstadt   2axled trailor placed at the Worms bus depot as a monument to the times of tram service in Worms
ASEAG 1006 Aachen 1957 4axled motorcar with Sécheron-drive kept as historic vehicle at the city of Aachen
RHB Bad Duerkheim 1966 Buessing trambus "Prefect" 13 D given to the city of Kiel theatre of the youth
VBL 59 Ludwigshafen   2axled motorcar "Verband type 2" scrapped to collect spare parts
VBL 76 Ludwigshafen   2axled motorcar "Verband type 2" with central controller scrapped, one platform and the central controller kept as operatable exhibition parts
WSW Wuppertal   Magirus overhead line working car private owner

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