Information about the

Heidelberger Strassen- und Bergbahn AG
(tramway and funicular railway company of Heidelberg)
Bergheimer Strasse 155, D-69115 Heidelberg

(this is not an HSB publication, but information provided
by the association of "Bahnfreunde Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz e.V.")

The HSB operates a major part of the public local passenger traffic within the city of Heidelberg and the surrounding municipalities (Eppelheim, Leimen, Neckargemuend, Nussloch, Schwetzingen, Wiesloch, Wilhelmsfeld): tramway at 1000mm gauge, funicular railway and bus.

tramway: 4 lines 1, 2, 3, 4
funicular railway: 2 sections 4 vehicles
bus: 18 routes 11, 12, 20, 21, 26 - 36, 40 - 42

tramway vehicles: (photo overview on photo page 10)
type year of constr. Design Numbers Remarks all-over advertisements in use on line
Gt 8 A Duewag 1975 8axled
201 - 204   yes 1, 3, 4
Gt 6 A Duewag 1966 - 1973 6axled bidir. 231 - 241, 243, 244 In use as double tractions at the follwing standard compositions: 230+243=291, 231+238=292, 232+239=293, 233+240=294, 234+241=295, 235+237=296, 236+244=297 yes 4, 3
M 8 C Duewag 1985 - 1986 8axled
251 - 258   yes 1, (2), 3, 4
MGT 6 D Duewag 1995 - 1996 6axled bidir. 261 - 272   yes 1, 2, 3, 4
RNV8 Bombardier 2002 - 2003 8axled bidir. 273 - 280 Rhine-Neckar Variotram yes 3, 4
Gt 6 A Duewag 1964 6axled bidir. 200 railgrinder car yes ---
Vrb Fuchs 1956 2axled
80 for driving school rides, working trains and and special trains no ---
4x Fuchs 1925 4axled bidir. 44 motorcar with "maximum" bogies, out of service, former vehicle of our club no ---
Pfb. ? 2axled 6 open horsetram trailor, out of service no ---

Funicular railway:
The funicular railway is quite a special sight of Heidelberg. Visiting it can easily be combined with a visit to the famous Heidelberg castle. The funicular is divided into two seperate sections. The lower section (from Kornmarkt to Molkenkur) is being served by two modernized vehicles. The upper section (from Molkenkur to Koenigstuhl) hasn't changed so much through time. The vehicles constructed in 1907 with wooden car bodies and crank telephones are still in everyday use. Due to reconstruction, both sections are temporarily out of service.

A lot of Buses, most of them built by Mercedes / Daimler / Benz / Evobus

A special feature worth mentioning: Almost every HSB bus is equipped with an elevator for wheelchair users.

HSB vehicles paint schemes:
Traditionally Heidelbergs trams came around in blue and white, buses in blue and cream. Since 1985 this paint scheme has been modernized a little bit: they now use a lighter blue and dont't use the former dark blue lines anymore. Buses are now blue and white, too. The head of the cars is now appearing in white. Meanwhile, all the buses of the older paint scheme have been withdrawn. Numerous all-over-advertisments have been applied since the mid-seventies; a trend that only now seems to diminsh.

External link to the HSB (good, but only in german):
official Hompage of its parent company HVV GmbH

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This is not an HSB publication, but information
provided by the association of "Bahnfreunde Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz e.V."

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