Bahnfreunde Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz e.V.

The Picture Gallery: Our Sets of historical Black and White Postcards

Set No. 081 (The Rhein-Haardtbahn interurban)
Motorcar 408 Train at Bad Duerkheim Train with 2 motorcars
Bus "Spielbank-Express" Motorcar 1107 Articulated Car 1019
Set No. 082 (The Mannheim and Ludwigshafen tramways)
Motorcar 64 Train with motorcar 39 Motorcar 247
Motorcar 102 Motorcar 237 Motorcar 152
Set No. 084 (The Oberrheinische Eisenbahn Interurban 2)
Loading goods Train with motorcar 3 Motorcars 17 and 4
Goods train with No. 20 Train with No. 70 Electric Loco 06
Set No. 085 (The Oberrheinische Eisenbahn Interurban 3)
Steam train at Heddesheim Train with motorcar 12 "Ganzzug" at Neckarhausen
Unloading a trucked trailor Train with No. 71 Regular gauge Loco No. 05
Set No. 086 (The Oberrheinische Eisenbahn Interurban 4)
Steam train at Dossenheim Train with No. 16 "Ganzzug" at Mannheim
Trian with No. 18 Articulated Motorcar 75 Loco 02 with trucked train
The full size pictures of our postcards show only parts of them. It's intended this way, but feel free to buy them and to support our club and its aims this way. And the three sets of OEG-related postcards (Nos. 084, 085 and 086) are available together at a special price!

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