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The Picture Gallery: Private Railways on Regular Gauge

rail4chem and BASF Locomotives:
1001 and 1002 in double traction at Ludwigshafen Mundenheim 1003 passes the semaphore signals of Schwetzingen Hirschacker junction rail4chem 145-CL 001, still with the former BASF inscriptions, at Ludwigshafen Oppau
BASF Locomotives:
143 001 "White Lady" was loaned from ADtranz, here at Ludwigshafen Oggersheim Loaned ADtranz loco 109-1 passing Mannheim Neckarau with a goods train from Basel (Switzerland) 109-1 is the former Deutsche Reichsbahn (east german railways) no. 211 084; Mannheim main station
  No. 1502 was loaned from the Verkehrsbetriebe Peine-Salzgitter, here at Schifferstadt 250 001 "Blue Tiger" was loaned from ADtranz, shown at Ludwigshafen Oppau
Bahngesellschaft Waldhof (BGW) and Hafenbahn Worms Locomotives:
The BGW doesn't exist anymore. In better times, they ran four of those Gmeinder diesels A Gmeinder-built loco once used at the port of Worms the port of worms diesel loco, view from behind
Swiss Railway SBB Cargo Locomotives:
  double traction of 482 011 and 482 021 at Ludwigshafen Oggersheim  

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