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The Picture Gallery: The Tramways and Furnicular Railways of Heidelberg (HSB)

Articulated Motorcar Gt 8A:
202, Heidelberg main station 204 at the Roemerkreis  
Articulated Motorcar Gt 6A:
222 prepared for an all-over ad. 226 at Rohrbach Sued 239 at the Roemerkreis
Light Rail Vehicle M 8C:
252 at Handschuhsheim, OEG-Bahnhof 255 at Handschuhshein, OEG-Bahnhof  
Low-Floor Light-Rail-Vehicle MGT 6D:
263 at Handschuhsheim 264, at Roemer street  
  269 at Roemer street 271
Low-Floor Light Rail Vehicle "Rhine-Neckar Variotram" RNV8:
273 at Handschuhsheim 274 at Handschuhsheim  
Articulated Railgrinder Car Gt 6A
200 (former 214) at the depot    
Historical Motorcar "Verbandstyp II":
80 following No. 202 at Rohrbach 80 at Bad Duerkheim 80 at the depot
Historical Car and Horsetram-Trailor:
44 and No. 6 at Karl-Metz-Strasse 44 and No. 6 at the depot Horsetram-trailor No. 6 at the depot
Furnicular Railways:
No. 1 at the "Kornmarkt" stop   No. 4 entering the "Molkenkur" stop

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