Bahnfreunde Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz e.V.

Picture Gallery: The Tramways of Ludwigshafen (VBL)

Working Cars:
010 at Buergermeister Kutterer-Strasse 010 at Buergermeister Kutterer Strasse, view from behind railgrinder tram 62 at Friesenheim, Eschenbachstrasse
Articulated Motorcar Gt 6:
102 and OEG 71, at Luitpoldhafen depot 118 in the Bleichstrasse section 119 at the former Luitpoldhafen depot
123 with original front, Ludwigshafen, Berliner Platz 123 at the Ludwigshafen Amtsgericht 123 entering Bleichstrasse from Berliner Platz
124 at Mundenheim Nord 135 at the former Luitpoldhafen depot 147 at Ludwigshafen, Schuetzenstrasse
Articulated Motorcar Gt8:
149 in front of the Bad Duerkheim RHB-depot 148 at the Mannheim-Kaefertal OEG station  
153 at Ludwigshafen, Schuetzenstrasse 155 at Ludwigshafen, Bleichstrasse 158 at the Mannheim-Kaefertal OEG station
Low-Floor Light Rail Vehicle Gt6N:
202 on Konrad-Adenauer bridge between Ludwigshafen and Mannheim 205 on a driving school ride at Mannheim Rheinau 212 crossing Konrad-Adenauer bridge, leaving the Ludwigshafen Skyline in the back
Low-Floor Light Rail Vehicle "Variotram Rhine-Neckar" RNV6:
  No. 215 on a test ride at Mannheim Rathaus / Reiss-Museum  
VBL-cars for the RHB's interurban line can be found at picture page 13 (RHB)

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