Bahnfreunde Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz e.V.

The Picture Gallery: The Oberrheinische Eisenbahn Interurban (OEG)

"Maximum" Motorcar Fuchs-type:
once belonging to the Viernheim Museum's stock: motorcar 2   No. 16 has been reconstructed for working purposes and is nowadays out of service. At Heidelberg goods station.
Goods Motorcar:
  19 with rail transporters at Heidelberg Bismarckplatz  
"Half train":
45 / 46 at Mannheim-Käfertal    
Motorcar Fuchs-type:
  No. 66 at Käfertal. This car is beeing cared for by the club IG Nahverkehr Rhein-Neckar e.V.  
Articulated Motorcar Rastatt-type (Gt8 Ra):
bicycle train of No. 80 and 193 on Kurt-Schuhmacher-bridge between Mannheim and Ludwigshafen 81 und 80 at Mannheim Seckenheim, Deutscher Hof 81 mit bicycle-trailor 205 near Neu-Edingen
Articulated Motorcar DUEWAG-type, 1st Series (Gt8):
84 in former livery at Mannheim main station 84 at Mannheim Kaefertal 86 in former livery near Mannheim Wallstadt
Articulated Motorcar DUEWAG-type, 2nd Series (Gt8):
93 and 85 at Mannheim Kaefertal    
Articulated Motorcar DUEWAG-type, 3rd Series (Gt8):
101 in former livery at Dossenheim, Vatter Works double traction of 109 and 101 at Mannheim Kaefertal  
Articulated Motorcar DUEWAG-type, 4th Series (Gt8K):
New delivered no. 111, pulled by No. 73 at Grosssachsen 114 without air condition at Heidelberg OEG Goods station  
Low-Floor Light-Rail-Vehicle "Variotram" (V6):
117 at Kaefertal depot 118 at Weinheim 120 near Edingen West
Low-Floor Light-Rail-Vehicle "Variotram Rhine-Neckar" (RNV6):
125 at Mannheim Kaefertal 126 on its first runout (July 14th, 2003) at Kaefertal 125 together with two Duewag Gt8 at Kaefertal
Trailors Rastatt-type (B4):
the sold No. 198 when being sent to its new owner 205 and No. 80 at Mannheim Neuostheim  
Diesel Loco and Electric Loco:
02 (now 350) in orange, at Dossenheim Vatter works 02 (now 350) coupling to No. 96, Heidelberg OEG goods station 350 (former 02) im actual design, Mannheim Kaefertal
350 in actual design, Mannheim Kaefertal 06 (now 351) at Mannheim Kaefertal 351 and 304 at Mannheim Kaefertal
351 at Mannheim Kaefertal 351 at Mannheim Kaefertal 351 (former 06) at Mannheim Kaefertal
Motorcar Rastatt-type, 1st Series (T4):
71 (now 355) in former livery pulling VBL 59 at Mannheim Moehlstrasse 354 (former 73) in reconstruction, Mannheim Kaefertal Railgrinder car No. 354 at Kaefertal depot
Motorcar Rastatt-type, 2nd Series (T4):
75 (now 359), with RHB's V01 at VBL's depot Luitpoldhafen 357 pushing an MVG profile measurement trailor, Mannheim Kaefertal 357 pulling 301 und 311, Mannheim Kaefertal
357 with flat wagon 373 at Kaefertal 357, 116, 113 and 359 at Kaefertal 359 (former 357, former 75) at Kaefertal

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