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The Picture Gallery: Our former Rolling Stock

  from Aachen went 4axled motorcar no. 1006 with Sécheron drive motorcar no. 67 went from Darmstadt
HSB 44 and horsetram-trailor HSB 6 VBL 59 on its way to the Viernheim museum, pulled by OEG 71, at Mannheim Renzstrasse  
2axled trailor from Zurich, Switzerland 3axled trailor 1308 from Basle, Switzerland HSB's horsetram-trailor No. 6
Special Vehicles:
Magirus-built overhead line working car from Wuppertal   our former RHB Buessing Bus 
Due to the closing of the Viernheim railway museum, we had to give away these cars in 1990, after a long period of searching for a new suitable, weatherproof, secure and even affordable location for them. You may find information about where they are now on our page "About us: our vehicles".

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