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The Picture Gallery: LRV for Eskisehir (Turkey)
at Edingen and Mannheim

In autumn 2003, a strange vehicle came to Edingen. It was the first car designed for the Eskisehier tramway system, wich hasn't been built yet.

The region around Eskisehir in Anatolia has been settled around 3500 a.Chr. and ist one of the eldest settlements known in turkey. The city at porsuk river has about 460.000 inhabitants and is also capital of the province of Eskesehir. The city has a lot of industy, but also some museums and is hometown of the 1958 founded anatolian University.

The new tram cam from its constructor's works to Edingen by road. The car belongs to the "Flexity Outlook" tram family, also known as "Cityrunner" like in service at Linz (Austria) and Lódz (Poland). Different adjustemnts works had to be made by Bombardier Transportation personnel. At the End of january 2004, the car was driven to the "Zentralwerkstatt für Verkehrsmittel in Mannheim" (ZWM) for re-profilig the wheels. This is, where the following photographs have been taken.
Front view First segment View from outside
Rear view Back Inscription
Passenger room Passenger room Driver seat
Control panel, front Control panel, left Control panel, detail

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