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Shop of Souvenirs: The Sales Conditions

In our shop of souvenirs, we've got a selection of souvenirs and information material, mostly referring to regional themes and subjects. The following links lead you to the different items:
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On this page, you find our sales conditions, which become part of any order.
  These conditions apply for any delivery to private customers. Costs for packaging and posting will be added to the bill. These costs vary between  Euro 2.50  and  Euro 6.00  in Germany - shipping to foreign countries is more expensive. We do only bill the real costs for post and package, please wait for our bill. We do not charge any other costs or taxes. We will only deliver prepaid orders (money orders or Euro currency). We can't charge credit cards. Shipping is at the risk of the customer. Any articles ordered stay property of the club "Bahnfreunde Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz e.V" until paid in full amount. Delivery subject to availability. All our deals are according to german law. State of jurisdiction is at Ludwigshafen am Rhein.
Ordering by E-Mail
  You may order by E-Mail. We'll answer immediately and send a bill with the exact amount of posting and packaging fees, so you can draw your money order to the exact sum. Foreign customers: please contact your bank if you have any questions how to pay. Due to hige bank fees, we can't accept foreign cheques. We'll deliver your order immediately after having recieved your payment.
Prepaid orders only
  Please understand, that we can only deliver orders that have been paid in advance - we've made unpleasant expieriences with other methods. We want to keep all our time and money for our club's statutory objects - and won't waste anything for reminders or lawyers.
Bank connection
  VR-Bank eG Ludwigshafen, German Bank leading Number (Bankleitzahl) 545 603 20, Account Number 20 35 359. Account owner is the club of "Bahnfreunde Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz e.V."
  You can display a preview of some articles of our list following the links like "preview on picture page xx". Because of copyright reasons, this function is not available for every article.

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