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September 10th, 2003 MVV Tramcar No. 646 equipped with Mitrac® Energy-Saver
MVV's No. 646 has been equipped wit Bombardier Transportation's new "Mitrac-Enery-Saver" system. This allows the tram to ride about one kilometer without enery feed from the overhead line. More information here.
January 6th, 2003 Motorcar RHB 1122 transferred to Ludwigshafen
It was RHB's motrorcar No 1017 to pull our historical motorcar No. 1122 to VBL's depot at Ludwigshafen on January 6th. There, the traction motors shall be removed for service and restoration. Find new photographs on our special page RHB 1122
December 29th, 2002 New Brochure published:
For the benefit of No. 1122's refurbishment, we have published a brochure, which is out now:
"Der stärkste der Flotte - die Rhein-Haardtbahn und ihr Triebwagen 1122" (The fleet's most powerful one - Rhine-Haardtbahn interurban and its motorcar No. 1122) tells the history of RHB's oldest preserved vehicle on 40 pages. More on our page Publications on the RHB
August 1st, 2002 A new Life for RHB 1122
RHB's motorcar no. 1122 shall be refurbished. It served RHB's passenger traffic until 1965 and was bought by our club in 2001 - refurbishment will cost about 100.000 Euro.

This requires help from a lot of supporters - more informastion here
August 1st, 2002 First Rhine-Neckar-Variobahn delivered
The first of 36 new Variotrams of the "Rhine-Neckar"-type was delivered by Bombardier Transportation August 1st at Seckenheim OEG-Station.
No. 701 will serve the Mannheim tramway lines (MVV-Verkehr-AG) and is the first car of a new generation, based on the OEG-Variotrams built in 1996. First Photos can be seen on our Special Page
June 1st, 2002 VBL Day of open Depot
It has been a long time, since one of the rhine-neckar transport companies has made a day of open doors. But soon, Ludwigshafens VBL will celebrate the jubilee of "100 years of tramway in Ludwigshafen". The celebration takes place at Rheingoenheim depot, next to the tram stop "Giulini-Werk" of line No. 8, on Saturday, June 1st, between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM

You'll find further information to the celebration at the VBL Website (sorry, only in german language).
January 23rd, 2002 Line renewal in Heidelberg
The tram and train line between Bismarck square and Handschuhsheim in Heidelberg will be closed from 25th february 2002 due to necessary track renewal. During the working period. HSB's tram line No. 3 will only serve the Leimen - Bismarck square section. OEG's train line 5R will take the way through Berliner Strasse. HSB will install a shuttle bus service between Bismarck square and Handschuhsheim.
Estimated time for the works differs between 9 and 18 months (!)

OEG's 5R routing is different in daytime and nighttime service and a little complicated. A route scheme is available in pdf-format here. To view this file, you need the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® which is available for free download from Adobe®'s website.
May 19th, 2001 Annual members meeting results
The executive committee's members have been elected new: chairman T. Zimmermann, debuty chairman G. Hammel, treasurer D. Cujé and executive for public relations R. Dissinger. Last one also overtakes the head office.

We decided to buy the historical Rhein-Haardtbahn motorcar no. 1122.

Membership fee for year 2002 will be 35.00 Euro regular and 25.00 Euro reduced fee.
March, 1st, 2001 New Photo Page: Farewell-ride with OEG's "Bielefeld" trainsets
On our website's second birthday, we finally could load up a new photo page, featuring our farewell-ride with OEG's "Bielefeld" trainsets!
October 2nd, 2000 Special Train not to Heidelberg
Long time ago, we have made our last Special Train, but now it's time to get back on the tracks: Join our ride with Rhein-Haardtbahn motorcar No. 1018 and trailor 1058. The projected ride to Heidelberg can't be done but instead we cruise on Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Bad Duerkheim and Heddesheim tracks!!!
Take a look at some pictures from this ride on our page Our work: Special train 1018!
May 30th, 2000 New publications on the Rhein-Haardtbahn Interurban
A reprint of two historical documents is now available, a new book will be at the end of August 2000 - further information here.
April 12th, 2000 We've got our own domain name!
Our website has now been connected to the german top-level domain !
April 1st, 2000 OEG-car no 94 six-axled back in service!
Due to the lack of vehicles, OEG have made an interesting repair to their damaged car no. 94.

It has been rebuilt provisorically as six-axled car! The highly damaged B-section (rear section) had not been used. The not so much damaged sections A and C have been repaired at the Kaefertal works. The back of section C has been shut by 19mm wooden planks, painted in OEG-colours white and red. The former Jacobs-bogie has been fitted with a "Scharfenberg" coupling.
It has so turned to be a unidirectional car and was coupled to car no. 114 with the provisoric end. In early morning, this double traction will replace a double traction of series 111 to 116 cars on trains no. 143 / 195 or 151 / 203.

Regular service begins in 14th week of 2000. A special ride to introduce the "new" car to the local press will start on April 1st, 13:44 hrs from Kaefertal via Weinheim, Schriesheim and Heidelberg to Edingen.

You can take a first glimpse of the rebuilt car on our Special site OEG 94
February 20th, 2000 Competition for "S-Bahn" Rhein-Neckar services
Finally, the gouvernments of the participating states have agreed for a germany-wide competition for the future suburban train services "S-Bahn Rhein-Neckar".

The state of Rheinland-Pfalz's opinion was to make a europe-wide competition, but Baden-Wuerttemberg preferred a consortium of Mannheims MVV and German Rail DB Regio without any competition.
MVV always stayed in the headlines from founding the consortium, because of difficulties between them and their partner DB, and because of changing and re-arranging their offer. Originally, they planned to buy electric trainsets of the "Integral"-type - while the "Bayerische Oberlandbahn" has only problems with this type of trains, they should be out of discussion now. Except the Baden-Wuerttemberg gouvernment, obviously nobody seemed to be happy about this offer, wich constantly caused problems and delays. Even MVV's partner DB-Regio had announced very early that, in case of a competition, they will make an offer on their own.

S-Bahn Rhein-Neckar shall go in service during the year of 2004.
February 3rd, 2000 Regional newspaper "Die Rheinpfalz" reported
about our member Holger Blaul and his hobby. We have kept this article on our "press" page.
January 15th, 2000 New Newsletter-Service
If you want to recieve information about our club, you can now subscribe our Newsletter.
January 5th, 2000 Heidelbergs Funicular Railways contemporaryly closed
Because of major repairs on tracks and vehicles, Heidelbergs funicular railway services end on January 10th. They will be back in service until easter 2000. Meanwhile, HSB offers a bus service instead.
January 1st, 2000 New Year - Y2K-Problem?
No problems occured during the night of December 31st. All the trams and trains stopped before midnight and went into service with a braking test at five minutes past twelve. No failures were reported.
December 2nd, 1999 New World Record
The world record of the longest tramway-type motorcar on metric gauge belongs now to the tramways of Freiburg. They introduced the first of their fleet of nine new "Combino"-type LRVs with a length of 42 metres at the end of November 1999. Before, the Rhein-Haardtbahn interurban had that record for more than 32 years. First, from 1967 until 1994 it was beared by the twelve-axled articulated cars nos. 1019 to 1022, which were 38.55 metres long. From then, the record belonged to the low-floor-LRVs 1031, 1032 and 1041 to 1043 with a length of 40.5 metres.
First pictures of Freiburgs new Combino can be seen on the homepage of the club of Freunde der Freiburger Strassenbahn e.V. 
Our club wishes good luck to Freiburgs new world record trams!!
November 20th, 1999

With deep consternation, we hat to understand that our foundation member and member of the executive commitee,

Mr. Kurt-Rudolf Bayer

died on November 16th, 1999 at the age of 68 years, suddenly and unexpected.
Our whole club, especially the long-time members, will be missing him very much.
We are mournig about a member, who has always been engaged for our club beyond measure - he will leave a painful gap amongst us.

October 18th, 1999 OEG's car No. 94 damaged
Only minor injuries were caused by an accident in Weinheim, when a car driver crossed a level crossing, disregarding the red lights. Passengers and the driver of the OEG's train were shocked when the train first crashed into the car, got derailed and was then stopped by a pole of the overhead line. OEG's car no. 94 got highly damaged. Because of the enormously damaged track and overhead line, train services had to be replaced by buses until closing time in the night. The repairs took time until next morning, when train service could begin regularly at 4:45 AM. [ picture 1 | picture 2 ]
September 24th, 1999, 16:00 hrs Change
Due to a change of mind of the MVV's planners for the inauguration of the new-buit section of Line No. 7 at Mannheim, our club is sorry to announce that we can not take part of that festivity on September 25th and 26th. This was not a decision of our club.
Wer're sorry for everybody who planned a visit to our stand.
September 22nd, 1999 New Postcards featuring the OEG now on sale!
We've been waiting long time for them: The new-printed sets of OEG-Postcards are on sale now. They show the great variety of former OEG Railway Service in 18 historical black and white photographs. Further Information on our page "Souvenirs".
August 30th, 1999 HSB's six-axled Duewag Motorcar No. 225 on trial at Schoeneiche
Motorcar No. 225 was brought to Schoeneiche (east of Berlin) by truck at the beginning of August. After some adaptions, the car will be tested in passenger service on the Schoeneiche - Ruedersdorf line. If the trial period will be positive, Schoeneiche thinks about buying four or five cars from Heidelberg. They are designed to replace the non-modernized Tatra KT4D cars and also the Reko-Type two-axled bidirectional cars.
August 30th, 1999 OEG's articulated Motorcar No. 81 is back in service
OEG's motorcar No. 81, which had been stored for about three years, has recieved a main revision during June and July and is now available for special trains (still in the traditional beige and green OEG-paint scheme). It will not be used in regular services, due to the fact that the newer OEG drivers have not been instructed in riding this type of train. The car's first official ride was on August 27th as a special for german transport amateurs club VDVA. Two days later, the old vehicle proofed its regained performance together with bicycle transporter no. 205 as bicycle train on the RHB-Line in specials for the Wine-Street Auto-Free-Day.
June 16th, 1999 New Vehicles ordered
After the decision of VBL and OEG, the first lot of new vehicles has now been ordered completely. ADtranz and Bombardier will build the following "Variotram"-type LRV's:
For HSB eight five-section bidirectional cars of approx. 33 metres length
For OEG ten five-section bidirectional cars of approx. 33 metres length
For VBL eight five-section unidirectional cars of approx. 30 metres length
For MVV ten seven-section unidirectional cars of approx. 40 metres length
The vehicles follow a common layout with approx. 70% of the car's length at low floor level; deliverance shall begin in 2001.
June 11th, 1999 Contemporarily SPECIAL PAGE:
Derailment of the VBL-LRV No. 202 on May 20th, 1999 at Mannheim-Kaefertal (Page deleted on August 13th, 1999)
May 26th, 1999 New Guestbook!
From now on, our vitors are invited to give us their comments in our new Guestbook! We are waiting for your entries!!!
May 13th, 1999 New in our shop of souvenirs:
Memo-pad with the imprint of a passenger steam loco German Railways class 01 and the inscription "Mit Volldampf notiert". About 50 sheets for everything that's worth beeing noted. To be ordered at only DEM 1.00 DM (about EUR 0.51) at the order-no. 404 in our Bahnfreunde Shop of Souvenirs Sorry - SOLD OUT!
March 1st, 1999 Launch of the Bahnfreunde Internet-website!

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