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(Former name until April 1st, 2002: "Oberrheinische Eisenbahngesellschaft AG")  (Railway company of the Upper Rhine)
Luisenring 49, D-68159 Mannheim

(this is not an OEG publication, but information provided by
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The OEG serves the overland traffic between the cities of Mannheim, Weinheim and Heidelberg in the style of an interurban railway at 1000mm-gauge. In the cities of Mannheim and Heidelberg, OEG's vehicles share the urban tramway network with the HSB and MVV-Verkehr AG. The route served by the OEG trains (5 or 5R) is a circle line (called "Rundfahrt"). The branch line from Mannheim-Kaefertal to Heddesheim is also owned by the OEG company, but is beeing served on behalf of the OEG by the VBL / MVV-Verkehr AG tramway line 4 with their vehicles. For this purpose the vehicles for line no. 4 must be equipped according to the german regulations of construction and operation of railways (Eisenbahn-Bau- und Betriebsordnung [EBO]). The traditional OEG railway company has been sold to MVV GmbH during the year 2000, which has led to the new corporations "Name" consisting only of abbrevations.

OEG's buses serve not only some routes in Mannheim but also the overland traffic to Schriesheim and Wilhelmsfeld. For the bus traffic within the city of Weinheim, OEG is job taker of the communal bus enterprise "webu".

Railway: One line 5 / 5R, german railways timetable no. 669
Bus: 7 own routes 141, 142, 143, 144, 146, 628, 629 on all bus routes, some services are provided by sub-contractors
8 routes for webu 631, 632, 633, 634, 635, 636, 637, 638

OEG railway vehicles, Photo overview on photo page 12
Type year of construction Design no. Remarks
Tw Fuchs 1914 4axled bidir. 16 working car; stored
Tg Fuchs 1928, 1949 4axled bidir. 18, 20 stored
"Half train" Fuchs 1928 4axle+4axle bidir. 45/46, 47/48 45/46 "salon car" for special travels, 47/48 spare part donor
Tw Fuchs Fuchs 1954 4axled bidir. 66 stored
Gt 8 Ra. Rastatt 1960, 1963 8axled bidir. 80, 81 81 old colour, used only for special trains; 80 stored
Gt 8 Duewag 1966 8axled bidir. 82, 84 - 87, 89 No. 84, and 87 stored.
The Duewag motorcars Gt 8 of all series can be coupled for double traction; 111 - 116 air conditioned
Gt 8 Duewag 1969 8axled bidir. 90 - 93, 96 - 97
Gt 8 Duewag 1973 - 1974 8axled bidir. 98 - 110
Gt 8K Duewag 1988 - 1989 8axled bidir. 111 - 116
V 6 ADtranz 1996 - 1997 6axled bidir. 117 - 122 "Variotram" air conditioned
RNV 6 Bombardier 2003 6axled bidir. 123 - 132 "Rhine-Neckar Variotram", air conditioned
B 4 Rastatt 1962 - 1963 4axled bidir. 193, 205 bicycle transporter, only in use for special trains
diesel locomotive Gmeinder 1953 B 350 for building and working trains
OEG 1953 Bo 351 electric switcher locomotive in use at the Mannheim-Kaefertal depot
T 4 Rastatt 1958 4axled bidir. 354, 355, 356 354 railgrinder car; 355 motorcar for building and working trains, 356 old colour and stored
T 4 Rastatt 1963 4axled bidir. 357 - 359 for building and working trains

 Different Buses, only Mercedes / Daimler / Benz / Evobus types.

OEG vehicles paint schemes: Traditionally, OEG's buses and trains were painted in ivory an green. Since 1988 almost all vehicles have been repainted to the new color scheme: white basic colour with diagonal red stripes. Additionally, all the all-over-advertisements have been removed. Last vehicles in use still in the old design are the articulated motorcar no. 81 and both bicycle trailors. Also the OEG's subcontractors buses show themselves in the OEG design.

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This is not an OEG publication, but information provided by
the association of "Bahnfreunde Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz e.V."

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