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Rhein-Haardtbahn GmbH (RHB)

Mannheimer Strasse, D-67098 Bad Duerkheim

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The RHB is a secondary railway at metric gauge. It connects the health-resort of Bad Duerkheim to the cities of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen in the style of an interurban tramway. The RHB line has been electrified since its opening in 1913; within the cities of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen, the RHB trains share the tramway's rail system.

railway: one line RHB, german railways timetable no. 668 a minor part of the cars and drivers for the RHB are provided by the VBL
bus: RHB's bus services have been shut down in 1995. But RHB provides bus drivers for some services of the "Busverkehr Rhein-Neckar (BRN)" company.

RHB railway vehicles: (photo overview on photo page 13)
name yr. of
type numbers remarks all-over-ads
diesel loco Gmeinder 1954 B V 01 für working trains none
Et 6 RHB Duewag 1963 6axled
1015, 1017*, 1018   1015
Eb 6 Duewag 1963 6axled
1055, 1057*, 1058 trailors for 1015, 1017 and 1018 1055
Et 12 Duewag 1967 12axled
1019*, 1020*, 1021*, 1022 all
Gt8N Duewag 1994 - 1996 8axled unidir. 1031*, 1032*, 1041, 1042, 1043   none
* = car is owned by the VBL

A part of the cars used on the RHB-line are provided by the VBL (marked in the list above with a red asterisk). For the evening services (starting at about 8:00 PM), RHB uses regularly one car of VBL's Series 201 to 214. In times of extended vehicle need (especially at the time of the "Bad Duerkheim wurst-market "- a big wine-fest) these cars can also be seen in RHB-services. There's also the possibility to use the VBL's tramcars 148 to 151, but this has become very seldom since low-floor vehicles appeared.

RHB-cars' paint schemes:
The original livery of the RHB cars was to be cream white with a black border. This is not beeing used anymore, the body colour was changed into beige, the border colour is now brown. But at this time, the major part of the older vehicles is decorated with different all-over-advertisments. The livery of the newer, low-floor Gt8N-type cars is similar to the cars of the VBL: white with stripes in three different types of red. When the old diesel loco was repainted (by our club!), the same colouring was chosen.

Long vehicles:
When RHB recieved the twelve-axled cars 1019 to 1022 in 1967, they had been the longest tramway-type corridor-cars for metric gauge throughout the world. This remained until the new and even longer low-floor Gt8N-type cars arrived in 1994. They kept this record until November 1999, when the tramways of Freiburg in Germany introduced their new "Combino"-type trams, which are even 1.5 metres longer.

The bad duerkheim wurst market:
The wurst market takes place on the second and third weekend in September and claims to be the biggest wine-fest in the world. At that time, RHB increases its services to a maximum of 15-minute-intervals and with 24-hour-service. It is also the time with the best chances to find VBL Gt6N-type cars in RHB services.

Wine-street auto-free day
Anually on last sunday in august, the "Deutsche Weinstrasse" (german wine-street) will be closed for motor vehicles and given free to pedestrians and cyclists. On that day, RHB increases its sevice to 20-minute-intervals between the stations of "Ludwigshafen Oggersheim West" and "Bad Duerkheim Ost".

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This is not an RHB publication, but information
provided by the association of "Bahnfreunde Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz e.V."

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