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NEW: Der stärkste der Flotte - die Rhein-Haardtbahn und ihr Triebwagen 1122
(The fleet's most powerful one - Rhine-Haardtbahn interurban and its motorcar No. 1122)
published by our club:
Rhine-Haardbahn's history is also the history of their rolling stock. From the first generation of motorcars and trailors, not even one vehicle could be saved. But one of the both 1939-built motorcars has made its way through time: While No. 1121 has been destroyed in the year 1943, No. 1122 stayed in regular service until 1965. As a tribute to RHB's 90-year jubilee, the Bahnfreunde club want to refurbish this historical motorcar. This brochure is telling its history. Sold for the benefit of No. 1122's refurbishment.

This publication is available in german language only!
Broschüre RHB 1122
Ref-Nr: 122, Prece: 8,00 Euro (add 2,00 Euro P+P for orders from Europe)
Ther are a lot of postcards showing RHB's historical and nowadays vehicles:
published by our Bahnfreunde club:
Set containing six historical pstcards in black and white (ref-no. 081)
Colour postcard showing low-floor LRV No. 1041 (ref-no. 023)

published by "der bahnladen":
Colour postcard showing articulated motorcar 1015 with trailor 1055 (ref-no. 036)
Colour postcard showing twelve-axled articulated motorcar no. 1021 (ref-no. 037)
published by "pro message":
Holger Blaul / Josef Kaiser
Die Rhein-Haardtbahn
Neun Jahrzehnte auf der Schiene vom Rhein zur Haardt
(Nine decades on rails from river rhine to the Haardt mountains)
160 pages at 29 cm x 20 cm format, about 80 b+w and 30 color illustrations, amongst many photographs and vehicle plans published never before.(ref-no. 113)

This publication is available in german laguage only!
Die Anfänge der Rhein-Haardtbahn
Geschichte in Dokumenten
(History in documents)
A special for tram- and trainfans loving authentic documents. This broschure contains faksimile reprints of the first annual report of the Rhein Haardtbahn company and of a description, written for the magazine "Elektrische Krafbetrieb und Bahnen" by Rhein-Haardtbahns first director, Ottokar Loewit, in 1914

20 pages at 29 cm x 20 cm format, printed on art paper, with plans and photographs, (ref-no. 114)

This publication is available in german laguage only!

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