Bahnfreunde Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz e.V.

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Regularly: Bahnfreunde-Babbelowend
Our regular meetings have been named in dialect "Babbelowend", freely translated as "chat-evenings". There, we interchange our information: news from the traffic authorities, from other cities and countries, travel-reports from our members, video or slideshows, and everything you can talk about.

The location for our meetings are  our rooms in the little town of Ellerstadt (Pfalz), 84 Bahnstrasse.  They are easy to reach with the Rhein-Haardtbahn-trains, adjacent to the station of "Ellerstadt Ost". Guests are very welcome - please inform us about your visit (eMail to us will do). Normally, we meet on the last friday of each month (exceptions as indicated) - we start at 19:30 hrs, with open end. Drinks and snacks are provided by the team of our so-called "Café Ostbahnhof"
 You may find the actual dates of our regular meetings and other programmes here on the german version of this page 

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