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Re-painting the RHB's Diesel loco V 01

The very good support of the Rhein-Haardtbahn company to our club led us to the decision, that we should give the RHB's one and only diesel loco V01 a new laquer finish. Built in 1953, it's nearly a historical loco, the former paint was old and the appearance not so brilliant. RHB company provided us with the working space and the necessary materials, and so the loco recieved its new clothing on some weekends during summer 1993. After many discussions, RHB and we agreed to give the loco the same design as the newly-ordered low-floor LRV's.
This is how the old livery looked like: traditional german diesel red, here together with OEG's ballast trailor No. 391
This photograph shows the state of re-painting at the Bad Duerkheim trainshed
Newly painted, with RHB's trailors No. 20 and 21
And this is how the loco looks alike, still today.

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