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Construction of a model layout of Mannheims new tramway line
from Mannheim Main Station to Neckarau West

At the beginning of the nineties, the idea of building a new tramway line in Mannheim reached the state of realization. The line should begin near the main railway station and link the suburbs of Lindenhof and Neckarau to the tramway system. The operation title "B-Linie"  ("B-line") came from earlier plans.

A promotion company had to create a program for the laying of the new line's foundation-stone. In cooperation with this company, we built a model tram layout of 15 metres length at HO-scale (1 / 87), showing some sections of the new line. As a special clou, we constructed a model of Mannheims new LRV - only after some drawings, because the original was expected to be delivered only two years after. And when it came to Mannheim, we had to recognize that they looked alike very well.

The presentation was a big success, and our model-LRV was "on line" throughout the day, nearly without a pause. It was motorized with three minature motors, but the traction gears were ruined until the evening.
image 1 (to be completed)
image 2 (to be completed)
image 3 (to be completed)
image 4 (to be completed)
image 5 (to be completed)
image 6 (to be completed)
The new-built line had been opened for trams in autumn 1995 and prolonged with three new stops to the new terminus loop "Rheingoldhalle" in 1999. That's why the turning loop at Neckarau west was realized with a single track instead of the projected double track shown in our model. People still call it the "B-linie", but the tramway serving this route is line No. 7.

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