Bahnfreunde Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz e.V.

A Farewell-Ride with the last Rhein-Haardtbahn goods trailors

In the year 1992, the Rhein-Haardtbahn interurban wanted to get rid of their goods trailors, which hadn't been used for a long time. On our club's initiative, four trailors could be sold to museum railways, so they needn't to be scrapped. But before the trailors left to their new owners, we composed a goods train of remarkable length for a last ride on the RHB line. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very fine when RHB diesel loco No. 01 left Bad Duerkheim on November 29th, 1992, pulling the trailors 22, 31, 32, 33, 29 and 28 to Ellerstadt.
Photo-stop at the "Feuerberg" - notice the heights of the Haardt in the background - they gave the railway its name
This view shows clearly the length of the train
The regular passenger train composed of motorcar 1014 and trailor 1054 passes by the goods train
The photo- stop at Friedelsheim finds the interest of our members
On our way back: in the curve leaving Ellerstadt West
Goodbye: Trailor No. 33 while being loaded on a truck at Bad Duerkheim

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