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Refurbishment of the Zurich Tramways Trailor No. 629

When the Rhine-Neckar Railway Museum still existed, we spent plenty of time for the care and maintenance of our vehicles. As an example, we are here showing the refurbishment of the Zurich so-called "saechsitram" trailor No. 629. The photographs below show this car during the years 1984 to 1988. Today, the car has been returned to Zurich and is there in use for special trains.
The car in the state when we recieved it - there's a lot of work for us to do
The car body has been separated from the wheels section
  vbz629-2.jpg (20kB)
Wooden planks of a seat. Every seat had to be disassembled, sanded and laquer finished
  vbz629-3.jpg (19kB)
View from below: the braking mechanism can be seen clearly
  vbz629-4.jpg (20kB)
The body is back on its wheels: time for new paint
  vbz629-5.jpg (20kB)
And that's what we had made of it when it was ready
  vbz629-6.jpg (22k)

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