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Special train with RHB trainset 1018 and 1058

After a long time without, we decided to organize a special train. It should take a ride in autumn of the year 2000. We wanted to use the Rhein-Haardtbahn-trainset No. 1018 (motorcar) and 1058 (trailor). During the years, this was the one to recieve only few modifications, such as brown stripes instead of black ones, another pantograph and halogenic headlights. Interior lighting is still with ordinary light bulbs instead of neon lights and also the seats had never been changed.

It was October, 8th, 2000, when our train started at Bad Duerkheim for its ride through Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and to Heddesheim. Originally, a trip to Heidelberg was planned, but of insurance reasons it had to be cancelled. Instead, we chartered a goods train from the OEG, which was included as an additional event for the photographers.
Mannheim Feudenheim
At Feudenheim terminal loop, our train met MVV's car no. 451, which that day served line no. 2.
Heddesheim - OEG Goods Train
This was our chartered goods train: Motorcar no. 354 (former No. 73, railgrinder car) with ballast car no. 391, rail transporter no. 381, overhead line cable transporter no. 371 and watercar no. 399.
Mannheim, New Section of Line No. 7 - Stollenwoerth
We also rode the new, single-track-section of line no. 7 from Neckarau West to Rheingoldhalle, which had been opened in 1999; here shown at "Stollenwoerth" stop.
Mannheim, Luzenberg
The tower of historic Luzenberg school made a good background for this photograph on our way from Sandhofen to Mannheim centre.
From Mannheim to Ludwigshafen: Kurt-Schuhmacher Bridge
A strange perspective: Kurt Schuhmacher bridge's pylon from below.
Ludwigshafen: Amtsgericht
Ludwigshafen's line to the former depot "Luitpoldhafen" will be reconstructed in a few months.
Ludwigshafen: Ebert Park
The Ebert Park siding is beeng used only rarely. We took the chance to let line no. 10 pass by. (VBL motorcar no. 126)
Ludwigshafen Oppau
Group picture at Oppau terminal loop with VBL-LRV no. 204 serving line no. 3 and VBL Bus no. 577 serving line 164.
Ludwigshafen: Main Station, Eastern Exit
At the eastern exit of Ludwigshafen main station, when the trams leave the tunnel, there is a stop called "Ostausgang" (Eastern exit). It leaves a little tristesse.
Ellerstadt - Village
A very popular photo stop on RHB's main line is the little village of Ellerstadt, passed by the line on single track.

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