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100 Years of Tramways in Ludwigshafen

It has been a long time since one of the local traffic companies had made a day of open doors.
So, the jubilee of 100 years of tramway had to be celebrated at Ludwigshafens tramways depot on June 1st, 2002.
Here are some impressions of that remarkable day:
Tram parade
in this Picture, you find the different VBL and RHB vehicle types.
The last one of its kind
is VBL's driving school car No. 152 - last one of the articulated cars with single headlight. Here together with 8axled articulated car No. 157.
Souvenirs, Souvenirs
Some impressions of our club's souvenir sale. It was fun for our members!
Maintenance vehicles
A good opportunity to take a close look at the VBL and RHB Maintenance vehicles such as No. 010 or diesel loco V 01. The diesel had been equipped with Indusi (Inductive Train Safety System) just some days before.
Historic Trams
The three historic trams looked good in the sunshine. VBL had loaned them from Heidelbergs HSB. Our club's RHB 1122 was't there, because it should have been refurbished before. Souvenir sale has taken us some Euros nerer to that object.
Who works well...
should even eat and drink well. In the end you could only see happy faces!

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