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Die Güterwagen der Regelbauart - Standard Design Freight Cars

- Übersichtszeichnungen - General Arrangement Drawings -

This CD contains scans of all sheets of this drawing collection dated February 1945. The original drawings have approximately A2 size (420 mm x 595 mm); they have been scanned with a resolution of 300 dpi. Due to the limited quality of the originals, scanning with higher resolution would only have resulted in larger files, but no better quality.

This drawing collection, compiled in 1944 and 1945, contains drawings of varying quality. Since all scans are unedited, the quality of the originals is directly visible in the scans.

All sheets of this collection are stored in two formats, TIFF and GIF, filed in the appropriate folders. Both folders can be accessed per internet browser, but the TIFF files can only be displayed with an appropriate plug-in installed. Furthermore, I would like to point out that Internet Explorer is not capable of displaying GIF files that are larger than approx. 250 kB. To allow an overview over the whole set of files, all sheets are also filed in a third folder in a GIF format reduced to 15% in size. These files will therefore not show all details. The links to all three folders are given below:

Image processing software packages, e.g. Paint Shop Pro or Micografx Picture Publisher, are recommended for further processing of the files. If no such programs are available, Paint or Imaging (part of Windows) may be used instead.

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