Goods Wagons Identification Markings


Identification markings for goods wagons serve for the identification of the characteristics of goods wagons with respect to their loading and operation. The european railroad companies have been using such markings for over 100 years, but an international unification in the framework of UIC took place only in the sixties. Since then there exists a uniform classification, accepted by all UIC-railways, but not used by all UIC member railways. In some railway companies there still exist national classification schemes that are used next to the UIC uniform markings.

Up to now, most detailed descriptions of the classification schemes reference from this page are in German only. Is there somebody who would like to help me translating them?

National classification schemes in use before the introduction of the UIC system:

Who can supply me with information about other classification schemes?


Beginning in 1960/64, the UIC introduced standardized classification markings for freight wagons. The basic steps of development are as follows:

Besides those, smaller modifications in these schemes took place in the passing of time. National classification system: A few countries use national classification schemes in addition to, or instead of the UIC classification. As far as I know, this is true for at least the following railroad companies:

Who can supply me with information on the above identification marking schemes (particularly on VR, CD, RENFE), as well as other identification marking systems?

Literature on Freight Wagon Classification Marks:

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