Links for Wagon Enthusiasts

Links that show only goods wagons or goods traffic:

white arrowA German language discussion forum at Yahoo; this will be shut down by the middle of December 2020. The follow-up group is the dicussion forum at

white arrowThomas Noßke has information on Epoch 2 (DRG) and specifically on wagons from that time (in German):

white arrowMatthias Hellmann's information on tank wagons (in German) isn't reachable any more but the data base still exists (

white arrowHermann Jahn has information on wagon bogies (=freight car truck for our American friends) (in German)

white arrowThomas Becker talks about wagons of era 3

white arrowThis is a nice collection of beer van photographs

white arrowMichael Stepputat has some very informative pages on rolling stock, in particular on

white arrowHans Waldburger gives information on the subject of SP (Swiss private railway) wagons (???)

white arrowA list of all NSB freight cars A List of all wagons of the Norwegian state railway, by Terje Knudsen (???)

white arrowNS Wagons List A list of all wagons of the Dutch State Railway, by Maarten Deen (???)

white arrowNS-groeps-, groenten- en/of gesloten goederanwagen Otto Dijkstra gives an summary of the NS vans for perishable goods traffic (???)

white arrowOle M. Nielsen has excellent pages on danish good wagons (Danish only)

white arrowPer Topp Nielsen has a lot of information on European wagons in his Danish Railway Archive

white arrowFrank Válóczy has compiled information on the numbering series of the goods wagons of the railways of southeastern Europe (as far as information has become available). The following countries are covered:

white arrowThis page of the Bluebell Railway illustrates their collection of wagons

white arrowWagons on the Web deals with British wagons

white arrowPaul's Wagon Page describes several types of British wagons

white arrowHuw Millington has an excellent site on British wagons

white arrowAn explanation of the UIC numbering scheme is available on a Mercurio page

white arrowThe server of the SNCF contains information on wagons

white arrowThe Belgian state railways have an overview of their goods wagons in French and in Dutch

white arrowThe Luxemburg state railway has an overview of their goods wagons in French

white arrowThe Swedish State Railways offer an overview of their goods wagons (in swedish)

white arrowThe Polish State Railways offer an overview of their goods wagons (in polish)

white arrowThe Spanish Railways offer an overview of their goods wagons (in spanisch)

white arrowSTVA and ATG Logistic offer information on railway car transportation

white arrowSGW is a french wagon rental company 

white arrowTransfesa is specialized in transportation to Spain and Portugal

white arrowICF (Intercontainer/Interfrigo) is specialized in transportation of Containers and refrigerated goods

white arrowWASCOSA, Nordwaggon and Transwaggon are some European wagon rental companies on the Internet

white arrowVR CARGO now has descriptions of wagons that are available for traffic from Finland to CIS countries

white arrowTwo pages with drawings of Russian freight cars dating from 1955 and from today

white arrowAhaus-Alstätter Eisenbahn is a railway company that carries mainly freight 

white arrowNow Deutsche Bahn AG  has some special pages on freight traffic, too

white arrowPhotographs from a coal-loading site in Portugal. By Antonio Raposo

white arrowInterRail news - Photo Collection A series of Italian wagon photographs, by Luca Regoli

white arrowThe Mercurio server now also has some wagon pictures

white arrowThe freight cars of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad Company

white arrowThe Railway Industrial Clearance Associatiom of North America offers interesting fundamental Information on freight cars

white arrowAmerican Railcar Industries shows pictures of various freight cars

white arrowGE Capital Railcar Services is an American rail car leasing company

white arrowTTX is one of the largest American rail car leasing companies

white arrowThe TrainsCan tells you all about the rolling stock of the Canadian railways, particularly freight cars

white arrowThe PRR Freight Car Page gives comprehensive information on the freight cars of the Pennsylvania Railroad

white arrowThe TP&W Freight Car Listings tell you all about the freight cars of the Toledo, Peoria & Western RR

white arrowJohn Berger has information on CSX freight cars

white arrowThe Freight Car Roster of the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway tells you all about their freight cars in 1922

white arrowThere are two lists of Denver & Rio Grande Western Equipment freight cars from the 1887-1959 and 1960-1993 eras

white arrowThe Freight Cars of the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad are listed here

white arrowHere is a collection of US freight car photographs: The Freight Car Gallery

white arrowHere is information on the Southern Pacific Freight Cars

white arrowTom Daspit and S. Berliner have information on Schnabel cars

white arrowThe Wagons of the Waldviertelbahn can be found on this page

Links that show railways in general and that have some interesting information for wagon enthusiasts

white arrowThomas Noßke has pages on the German Reichsbahn

white arrowA very good site on DB/DR is the German Railways Homepage

white arrowJoachim Biemann has pages on the KFBE (Köln-Frechen-Benzelrather Eisenbahn) and other railways in the Rhineland with some special pages on the wagons of the KFBE: Photographs and 2 tables. (1947-1972), (since 1972).

white arrowThe Geesthachter Eisenbahn has some wagon photographs with descriptions

white arrowThe Eisenbahnfreunde Murgtal show a description of their historical G10

white arrowThe Interessengemeinschaft Historischer Schienenverkehr e.V. shows the rolling stock of the Selfkant railway including several wagons

white arrowWagons and coaches of the narrow gauge railways of the Harz (Germany) are described here

white arrowThe model railway manufacturer aku has informationen on Swiss wagons

white arrowPeter J. Vincent offers excellent information on the rolling stock of the Victorian Railways in Australia

white arrowDavid Forsyth has a page on the South African Railways

white arrowALACF maintains a very interesting site on the railways of Luxemburg with comprehensive Information on Luxemburg wagons, too

white arrowThe Historical Model Railway Society presents, among other topics, lists of their photograph collection

white arrowClaus Frost offers a comprehensive drawing collection of Danish rolling stock in his Skovbo Jernbane-Arkiv

white arrowChris Gardner has a comprehensive literature list on English railways

white arrowMike Watts has a comprehensive drawing list on rolling stock of the Southern Railway and its constituents

white arrowUlf Herdenberg has some Photos on swedish coaces and wagons in English and in Swedish

General railway links

white arrowRailway Companies:

white arrowOthers:

white arrowModel Railways:

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