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Who is this Jan Bietzig?

What you never wanted to know about me:

Pictures of my Hammonds:

My Hammond C-3
My Hammond TX-500 and T-522
My Hammond M-103

Pictures of other electronic organs:

Philips Philicorda Organs
Dr.Böhm Organs

What you always wanted to know about Klaus Wunderlich & Co:

Klaus Wunderlich, biographie or pics ?
Franz Lambert, biographie or pics?
Other Organists, pics

Are looking for a special record or artist?

  • RecordList -COMING SOON-

    What you can do to improve your organ's sound:

    How to equip SS-Hammonds with old style percussion (2nd and 3rd)?
    How to add "Vibrato-Shatter" to Hammond Organs?-COMING SOON-

    How far do I pull my drawbars out?

    Settings for the SolidState spinet models
    Settings for the console-models (B-3, C-3, RT-3, A-100, D-100)
    Settings for the M-100 and L-100 series