Franz Lambertbiographie

Franz Lambert, King of Hammond...

Franz Lambert

-was born on the 11. March in 1948 Sonderbach (Hessen, Germany)

-was teached the piano from the age of 8 to 12 years

-started his chief-apprenticeship with 14 years

-he was impressed by the Hammond sound when he heard a Hammond Organ at a ball

-Franz persuated his father to rent a Hammond Organ

-as he practiced every day, he became a superior player

-his father bought him a Hammond M-100 in 1966

-Franz played at his father's restaurant

-in 1968 Heinz Schenk, a German moderator heard him playing and offered Franz to play at his TV show "Zum Blauen Bock"

-this was Franz's first TV appearance, he played his fabolous TicoTico version

-short time later, his first record "Happy Hammond" was published; a great sucess

-he started a series of Hammond Organ records "Hammond Hitparade" on his HX-300

-Franz made a lot of TV appaerances in the begin of the 70ies

-F.L. changed to WERSI Organs in the mid-70ies and didn't play the Hammond anymore

-even today Franz can sometimes be seen on TV or on Tour

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