Franz Lambert pictures


Franz Lambert's first record features many well-known pieces like Mambo Jambo, The Last Waltz, Obladi-Oblada, Amorada, Charmaine, Amapola, Ramona, YummyYummyYummy AND: his famous (and in my opinion best) version of TicoTico!!!
It was recorded in 1968 on his M-100

That's how he started, as a Hammond-playing cook (that's what he actually had learned: cooking) in the German TVshow "Zum Blauen Bock", in the backround you can see his HX-300, with this he recorded all of his Hammond records, except "Happy Hammond"; anyway I like the M-100 sound best...

This is Franz Lambert at his WERSI Helios, he changed to the WERSI organ company in the mid-seventies, like nearly all German organists...

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