Klaus Wunderlich biographie

Klaus Wunderlich, a life full of organs...

Klaus Wunderlich

-was born on the 18th Juni 1931 in Chemnitz (Sachsen, Germany)

-was teached the piano since he was 7 years old

-was the youngest professional musician with 17 in Chemnitz

-joined the "Reichel-Trio" from 1951-1953 with piano/accordeon

-worked as a jazz piano player when he first heard the Hammond Organ, he was immediately impressed by its sound

-In 1955 K.W. started playing the Hammond Organ as most pianos in bars were in a terrible condition, he rented a M-3 in Ulm for 250DM, a new sound was born

-he played in a variety in Mannheim and bought an own Hammond M-3, he claimed: Die Orgel ist mein Leben! (The organ is my life!)

-he started recording his playing, played it and recorded it again; the first record on several tracks

-his first EP "Hammond-Sensationen" on a C-3 was a great success

-Klaus always had a lot of appereances during the 60ies

-in 1968 he finally started a whole bunch of records, the "Hammond Pops" series, instrumental versions of the German hitparade

-since "Hammond Pops 2" he used a Hammond H-100 instead of his C-3

-as he wrote all the arrangemants for his records by himself, he needed only 1 month for a new record

-in 1971 he made his own home to a studio where he could experiment with the sounds of several organs

-in 1972 K.W. made some recordings with a moog synthesizer
-1976 was the year, when Klaus Wunderlich decided to learn the drums, so he did

-after the 10. episode of the "Hammond Pops" Klaus Wunderlich was seeking a new sound, and finally found it in playing the melody with the H-100 and added some strings of a LOWREY Organ and the effects from a WERSI Organ, again, a new sound was born, the NEW POP ORGAN SOUND

-from now on he didn't use the Hammond as much as before as the WERSI sound has become popular in Germany

-Klaus sold about 20 million records

-he died on October, 28th 1997 on a fatal heart attack...

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