Interesting Links to visit

This is a list of my favorite links and resources. I decided to sort them by categories and give a short description to each link. A star on the right means, that this site is a must in my opinion.
About Nikola Tesla
Other coilers web pages
Professional coil builders
Some other interesting links

About Nikola Tesla

Biographical Information Good site with informations

Other coilers web pages

Stefan's Tesla Pages Great Site with many background infos
Dennis Homepage Many Links, pictures from other coilers.
Kurt Schraner Lot's of information and many pictures.
Finn Hammer Excellently built coil equipment, even self made variac.
Terry Fritz Documents about theory and experiments, MMC caps tips, manufacturers data sheets.
Richie Burnett Explanations in detail, many diagrams.
Matt Behrend good page...
Don's Tesla Page Don's Tesla web site
The Tesla coil mailing list Tesla coil mailing list - many infos and discussion archives. Lots of images.
Bill Beaty's Tesla Page Lots of links can be found on this page.
Bert Pool Bert Pools website
Chip Atkinson Chip Atkinsons Safety Hints
Robin Copini Big coil, up to 20kVA. Excellent pictures and video available.
Tesla Coil Ring All famous Tesla Coil pages around the world...
Lyonel Baum Tesla Page in french language
Chris Hill Theory and Construction Hints
BHVL Homepage Bart's High Voltage Lab - many formulas

Professional coil builders

Tesla Technology Research They build really large coils, have a look at model 13M...
kVA Effects This is a great site, demonstrating many different coils for show effects.
Lindsay Scientific Co. Robert W. Stephens Tesla coils, Lindsay Scientific Co.
Lightning On Demand Big coils, offerings for entertainment. Electrum project with 130kVa. Interesting project plan: Advanced lightning facility, the biggest coil ever built (5 megawatt in plan).
Tesla Systems Research Specialized on special effects, including tesla coil systems
Resonance Research Products for museums, also tesla coils available
Information Unlimited Tesla Coil Plans, Parts, Kits


Conrad Transformatoren GmbH Manufacturer of transformers, this is actually the source of my 15,4kV, 130mA transformer for my next project.
CBF Electronics GmbH Capacitors for MMC type (Cornell Dubilier)
Menges Electronic GmbH Capacitors for MMC type (Philips MKP376)
Kunststoffe Hertrampf GmbH, Am Parir 29,
52379 Langerwehe
Glass Epoxy Composites (NEMA G-10) which can be used for rotary spark gaps
PMK GmbH Distributor of Ross Engineering Corporation - Toroids, sparkgaps, HV equipment
Conrad Electronic Electronic equipment, epoxy resin
Kunststoffe Beumers GmbH & Co.KG, Hängebank 6,
45293 Essen
Every kind of plastic you need...

Some other interesting links

Javascripts resources Javascripts for free... Here I found the trembling window on highvoltage in my main page.


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Otto Hasenpusch - Hochspannungstechnik: Einführung und Grundlagen Franzis Verlag, 1991
Herman V.Boenig - Structure and Properties of Polymers, Georg Thieme Publishers Stuttgart
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