2001 November - Projektbericht


Dear Mr. Gottelt,

 I am sure you are eager to hear about the progress made by Carmen and her family. My name is Luciano and I am a PLAN staff member working in the community of La Penuela, where Carmen lives. I recently visited Carmen’s family and spoke with Carmen’s grandmother Favia. We talked about many things and during our conversation she told me of the changes which had taken place in the last year both for the family and also within the community.

Carmen’s progress

Let me start by telling you about Carmen. As you can see from the photog aph she is growing up fast and Favia told me that she enjoys getting together with friends. She says that she would like to be a teacher when she grows up. Children know that they play an important part in the family life and are proud of their responsabilities although such tasks can sometimes be very time consuming.Carmen helps her family with household chores. Carmen is attending the primary school and enjoys being with her friends. She travels by foot and it takes her less than 30 minutes to get there. This year she is in the third grade. Over the last year Carmen’s performance at school has been good. Her favourite lesson at school is drawing.

Strengthening a Friendship

Although Carmen is already attending school, she is still not able to write her own letters yet. For children in this part of the world, writing letters is quite different from learning to write at school and children are often very shy about their writing. However, we will encourage her to communicate with you in other ways, perhaps by sending you a drawing. Favia, her grandmother, will be writing letters to you on behalf of Carmen’s family who are looking forward to strengthening their friendship with you. It gives them a warm feeling to see that you have shown concern for them.

Carmen’s Family

There have been no changes to the family living in the household over the last year so Carmen continues to live with the following people. Gilda, her mother. She works as a housewife. Favia, her grandmother. She works as a housewife.

The house which Carmen and her family live in is owned by the family without a legal title. The family lives in a small house made of wood with a corrugated metal roof.

Carmen’s health

Favia told me that fortunately Carmen has been healthy over the last year.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about the changes and improvements that have happened in Carmen’s family and community over the last year. They appreciate your support and encouragement and looking forward to sending you more news next year.

I would like to add my thanks and also send you my best wishes.


Luciano Sanchez, PLAN staff member