Former inhabitants of US Housing areas in Germany expect cancer!!!!

To the former residents of US Army Housing areas in Germany:

Former US Army Housings and most probably other US Military Facilities in the Rhine-Main-Area and other parts of Germany are contaminated with toxic and highly carcinogenic substances! The substances where found as a result of hundreds of analyses of dust from the inside of apartments in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Fuerth, Nuremberg, Berlin, Herzogenaurach and Karlsruhe.

The analyses where initiated after some inhabitants encountered serious and unexplainable health problems. The sources of the toxic substance vary. One source is the adhesive that was used to adhere the wooden floor (parquet) to the concrete of the building. It contains Poly cyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) which is considered highly carcinogenic. PAH was found in doses as high as 255.000 mg per Kg adhesive. Doses found in the dust of the apartments where as high as 4000 mg per Kg of dust. A playground in Germany has to be closed if the PAH doses are as high as 5 mg per Kg of sand! This means that the doses of toxins found in the apartments are nearly a thousand times higher than doses which lead to an immediate closing of a playground! But in the apartments children are playing too! They already used to play there when the Americans still lived in the housings.

But there are much more highly dangerous substances found!

Pesticides, insecticides: DDT, PCB, PCP, Lindane, and Chlorpyrifos (Dursban) for example. One part of these substances where brought into the apartments by the excessive use of pest control products every time an apartment was left by the former inhabitant. On other part of the substances originated from wood being used for the floors and closets.

The problem is very serious! German physicians already compare the expected and upcoming consequences with the so-called "Gulf War Syndrome". US Servicemen (and others) experienced this after the Gulf War. People living in the apartments now are being shocked by the results of the analyses and need support in the struggle against the new landlords that are the German Federal Republic and the Communal Frankfurt Holding, which denies the problem so far! A lot of inhabitants already moved out of the apartments, a lot of others will follow, but there are people living in the apartments who can not afford to leave them!

What was normal treatment of the appartments? Preventive Pest Control? Especially helpful would be dates and places of dust and or other analyses (pesticides) that took place during the time when Americans used to live here. Also any unexpected but encountered illnesses like cancer, MCS, skin or lung irritations and/or death of the inhabitants, the children or the even unborn would be helpful. If you or somebody you know could be of any assistance in gathering information on the topic, please feel free to contact us and drop us a line!

Sincerely yours,

Norbert Dichter

Frankfurt am Main


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