dat2track - Converting data from the Coastline Extractor

The Coastline Extractor provides a free worldwide database of shorelines and political boundaries.

The data is generated on demand in several formats. dat2track converts the ArcInfo ungerated format (*.dat) into txt format for Waypoint+ or pcx5 format. It is suggested to use the data with the free TrackMaker, because TrackMaker could handle huge amounts of data. Beware of the Coastline Extractor data-limit of 500.000 points per request.

dat2track is freeware and was succesfully tested with WIN 95b, 98 SE, NT (SP6), XP, 2000.

Note: with the help of way2shp the data in Wayppoint+ format can be converted to ESRI shp format and used with GIS-Software.

dat2track screenshot

Download dat2track (109 kB)

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