Universal use of free Garmin maps

Free Garmin maps could be used with Magellan or other GPS on a PC or PDA. Owners of simpel Garmin devices with no map memory could also use the maps for planning und viewing GPS data.

TrackMaker ScreenshotUser-build free maps for Garmin GPS could be viewed with MapEdit (Freeeware-version) and be exported to maps for use with OziExplorer. (including calibration file). The exported map can be converted to other raster formats using IrfanView or another graphics programm.

With MapDekode the maps in img-format can be converted to dbx-format, which is supported by  TrackMaker (see screenshot). Opening the dbx-file needs no calibration and you are working with vector data. With the help of these maps, routes, tracks or waypoints could be created and transferred to a wide range of GPS devices. As TrackMaker supports the export of more GPS formats, the data could be used with several programmes.

Using way2shp the data could also be imported to fGIS a free GIS programm.

Source of map screenshot

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