Converting GNS data to GPS data

A simple way to read GNS-data is the use of dlgv32pro (free version of GlobalMapper). dlgv32pro reads not only GNS-data, but a huge list of other formats and can export them into several common GPS formats. Exporting data needs to purchase the product.

GNS (GEOnet Names Server) provides complete lists with thousands of data for countries worldwide. The data is saved as formatted text and can be viewed with an editor. To convert these data to GPX, pcx5, Ozi or other formats, the german freeware "NH-Top50Trans" (NHTT) could be used.

Donwload the latest version and install it with the setup-routine.

NH-Top50Trans Screenshot

From the menu "Eingang" choose "GEOnet Names Server (GNS)" and open your data file. After reading the data, NHTT shows the numers of waypoints "Eingelesene Wegpunte". The data can be viewed with the integrated editor: "Tools" -> "Editor". Klick "Wegpunkte" and the list will be shown. Klick "Ende" to exit the editor.

From the menu "Ausgang" choose the export format (GPX, PCX5, etc.) and save the data in a new file. "Ende" exits the program.

Note: GlobalMapper (free version) could read GNS-Data and exports from the full version. See the Feature Designation Code file for a complete list of all codes (tab delimited text format). The GNS data can be imported to spreadsheets (eg. MS Excel) to sort and select data of your choice. Export the data in text format (tab delimited).

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Update: 20.02.05