"Jamtal" map for Garmin-GPS

The Jamtal is located in Austria (western Tyrol) and covers  Wirl - Tschaffein - Bieltalferner - Kronenferner. The map contains no contour lines but elevation spots.

Summits with elevation are defined as POIs and can be searched on the GPS. The map could also be loaded on Garmins with 1 MB POI-memory. On those units, only points will be saved.

This is not an exact and detailled map. Use it on your own risk.

The img-file could be sent to Garmins with sendmap and uses about 36 kB Speicher on a Garmin.
The map is free for personal use.

Download (26 kB) (Stand: 02.02.05)

Southern part of Map

Ausschnitt Jamtal-Karte

©  Thomas Hasse