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Welcome to my small and lousy page

I switched by webspace to .Mac, so you can get the latest version of DEPOTset at the following page:

To the right you can select some work of mine. I never thought I would update this page. But after receiving my new Macbook Pro some weeks ago, I decided to programm a widget using Dashcode. First I thought of a small widget which shows the quotes of german stocks. But after completing it, I thought it would be better to have a widget which keeps track of my whole portfolio, consists of stocks and funds. Et voilá...

15>08>2006 DEPOTset updated to version 1.02. Just some bugfixing.
05>08>2006 DEPOTset widget is my first widget. It keeps track of your whole stock portfolio.
23>06>2004 I don't know if anybody cares but I'm alive. I started a new GP32 coding project: Space Invaders. My 2nd try to code something for the GP32 will be a remake of the original Space Invaders game by Taito. Right now I have set up some controls and a rudimentary collision detection. I switched to using Mr. Mirko's Replacement SDK instead of the original Gamepark one. For me it makes coding much easier, as I'm not an experienced C programmer.
21>05>2003 I started to write down some of my experiences and discoveries while trying to program my small slideshow program.
14>05>2003 Initial creation of this page.