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To depend uniquely on what is seen while neglecting the spirit is so shut oneself off and to paint only the superficial, the form. ( Rabindranath Tagore )

Michele "Zaneda" Gerner was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti ( West Indies ), on December 23, 1962. She has seven sisters and one brothers. Over the years the entire family left the beautiful but troubled country, her parents stay now in New York and most of her sisters live in Canada. Zaneda was the last of her family to leave Haiti.

Zaneda has completed her high school degree at the "College Normalien Reuni" in Petion Ville and holds a Diploma as an Agricultural Technicion. In the 80's she worked as an extensionist for the "Movement for the Implementation of Democracy in Haiti", from 1990 until she prepared to leave Haiti in 1993, she was Exicutive Director of the "Mouvman Fanm Kreyol", a developement project for woman in Haitian highland.

Since many years she traveled to different countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Having a close friendship to nature and its spirits, she is overwhelmed by seeing people living so packed in the big cities of the world. This subject is what she works out in her naive and colorful paintings, these impressions are the basis for her paintings and her unique style.

"A house for all people!" is the concept which she puts into the frame of the four mystic elements: earth, wind, water and fire, an inspiration whish she carried from her native country. She expresses in her paintings her "personal reality" by associating black with vivid red, blue and green. And she dose it at the same time with joy and passion, and so vigorously that the observer can feel the electrifying forth of her Caribbian nature.