VHDLParser is very easy to use. Be sure you have installed SUNs Java JDK1.1.x

VHDLTree uses the  Microline Component Kit 3.1.


Simply save the file VHDLParser.tar.Z in a directory of your choice.


To unpack VHDLParser.tar.Z change to that directory and type:

uncompress VHDLParser.tar.Z

tar -xvf VHDLParser.tar


Finally add the path of the directory to your CLASSPATH variable.


You can use the Parser as a syntax checker by typing:

java VHDLParser inputfile


or you can visualize the syntactical structure of a VHDL input by typing:

java VHDLTree inputfile


Without an inputfile VHDLParser and VHDLTree take there input from STDIN,

so you can use them in a pipe as well.


That's all.