About VHDLParser and VHDLTree

VHDL Parser is the first VHDL93 parser which was written in pure Java.

VHDLParser was developed using the Java Compiler Compiler tools from SUN.
JavaCC is now maintained by Metamata.


The actual version of VHDLParser  is 0.4.


VHDLTree is a graphical frontend for VHDLParser.

VHDLTree visualizes the syntactical structure of a VHDL file.


The actual version of VHDLTree  is 0.2.


VHDLParser and VHDLTree are intended to give you a basic platform

which you can extend in order to build specific

VHDL analysis and visualization tools.


Unfortunately I haven't had the time yet to test the parser exhausively.

If you find errors, feel free to send me a bug report and your actual parser input.

Please use the "VHDLParser: Bug Report" as subject of your mail.


Last but not least, VHDLParser and VHDLTree are distributed under the GNU public license.

The only thing I ask you for is to register before you download the parser.


Don't forget to read the installation instructions.