httpMonitor is a Python program which lets you monitor the HTTP traffic between a browser and a web server. You configure your browser to use httpMonitor as its proxy to ensure that all HTTP traffic between browser and server goes via httpMonitor. In a XML-configuration file you can specify python-functions as processors for the HTTP-messages you are interested in (requests or responses, which match certain criteria). You may have as many processors as you want, without modifying the actual program. The only thing you need to do, is configure the httpMonitor and write your processors.

The package comes with three sample processors. One for logging header-information of the HTTP messages (httpMonitor.filters.logger), one for modifying header fields (httpMonitor.filters.headermodifier) and a third one for accessing (and modifiying) parsed html-text. The processors can be configured to tell them exactly what to log or what to modify.

Although the current version is 0.2 it works nice already, it just has not been tested extensively. I may also add a few more processors and/or other features in the final release.

You can download the current version here. It's licensed under the GNU GPL.


Feel free to send comments, bug reports, patches or the like to volker.stampa at

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