isp-connect is a set of scripts which should make it easy to connect from a single GNU/Linux-workstation to an (or several) Internet service provider using a dial-connection. It supports single PPP connection over ISDN or modem (PAP/CHAP authentication only). Support is planned for raw-IP (over ISDN) and multiple connections simultaneously.

The package comes with the helper script, which is a kind of an offline cron. It gets a crontab-like file as input and executes the commands given in the file not exactly at the times given (like cron), but only when it is executed itself (of course, because it is not a daemon) and the time in the config-file has passed.

Although the current version is 0.2 it works nice already, it just doesn't have all the features the 1.0 release should have.

Check the NEWS file to see what has changed.

You can download the current version here. It's licensed under the GNU GPL.


Feel free to send comments, bug reports, patches or the like to stampa@vossnet,de
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